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Programme Timeline

Live Demo Sessions

Design VR Content Optimised for Event

What are the common issues and limitations faced with VR setup? Roy will share with you how Ignite VR provides you with just the solution to overcome these challenges and design VR content optimised for your next event!

Win Your Next Pitch With Immersive, High-Tech Entertainment
Empower Your Events - Quality WiFi Made Easy

Learn cost-effective way to enable WiFi services for your indoor and outdoor events. WiFi Hotspot, video streaming solution, event WiFi for polling, application downloads and other use cases can be setup quickly without the need to lay high cost telecommunication cables.

Virtual Live Tour

"To continue using one-dimensional metrics – net square feet, number of exhibitors and/or number of attendees – to characterize and measure the growth of the meetings industry ignores the new multidimensional reality and underestimates the potential of the digital audience.

New metrics, such as impressions, number of virtual attendees or the size of social networks can vastly improve the value, perception and opportunity of live events"

- Michelle Bruno, Event Tech Brief